Overview of the Wanderer 'Forum'  

What is the Wanderer 'Forum'?

This is a group 'forum' hosted by Yahoo groups.  The 'Forum' is open to all with an interest in the Wanderer dinghy. Please do not use this group for selling boats or items, but use the WCOA website which is free to qualifying members. The group is is moderated and 'off-topic', unsuitable or offensive material will be removed.  There are reciprocal links between this group and the WCOA web site. 

To join please visit the Yahoo groups site. To fully participate it is recommended that you either upgrade your existing group membership, or join from the outset. This will allow you full web access to the group and a greater variety of facilities - the more useful being outlined below: 

  • Create your own online photo 'albums' with descriptions and file names;
  • Upload most types of files for others to to view/download [articles/programs/pics/etc];
  • View, download, order printed copies etc of all photos on the site placed there by other group members [unless prohibited by the copyright owner];
  • Hold online real time 'Chats' with other members;
  • Initiate polls of the group's membership on any wanderer/dinghy related topic,
  • View the WCOA group calendar and add your own events/activities;
  • Add to an existing or start a new database;
  • Add to existing or create new 'bookmarks';
  • Search the message/postings 'archive' for a particular topic;
  • Access all existing messages and interrogate or add to their 'thread';
  • Create and post messages while online;
  • Create and edit your group/Yahoo profile.


Of course even with full web access to the group you will continue to receive group email postings either in individual or digest format.  If you wish, you can even elect to receive no emails but to view postings via web access only.

Many of you will already be members of the 'Forum' but may be interacting with the group through the sending and receiving of emails only!  In order to reap the full benefit of this online Wanderer related group you will require full web based access. For this you need to be 'registered' with Yahoo.  

This is a painless process during which you create a Yahoo 'ID' and password.  It takes but a few minutes to complete at groups.yahoo.com and once complete you just 'associate' your new ID with your email address and you will be given full, as opposed to email only, access. There is a local Yahoo 'wizard' to take you through the 'association' procedure.  There is also an appropriate 'tick box' for your use to avoid, if so wished, the possible receipt of advertising/marketing material directly to your email 'inbox'!

You should preferably already be a member of the Wanderer Forum or you can either join the group once you have registered with Yahoo or click the link here to join the group in advance.

Should you experience any difficulty in joining the Wanderer Forum or have any further concerns or queries related to joining then please contact me and I will do my best to assist.


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