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Date What's Changed
24/02/2020 'For Sale Page' updated: W690 sold
21/02/2020 'Programme' updated: details of West Oxford SC Race Event
16/02/2020 'For Sale Page' updated: W1636 sold
10/02/2020 'For Sale Page' updated: W1597 for sale
10/02/2020 'For Sale Page' updated: W1636 for sale
30/01/2020 'For Sale Page' updated: W1092 for sale
20/01/2020 'For Sale Page' updated: W1604 sold
20/01/2020 'Programme' updated: details of racing weekend at Arnside SC
15/01/2020 'For Sale Page' updated: W1132 and W690 for sale
09/01/2020 'Programme' updated: details of River Dart Laid-back Weekend
12/12/2019 'For Sale Page' updated: W1604 for sale
12/12/2019 'Programme' updated: 2020 AGM details added
08/12/2019 'Programme' updated: provisional dates for 2020
08/12/2019 'For Sale Page' updated: W1163 for sale
20/11/2019 'For Sale Page' updated: road trailer sold
11/10/2019 'For Sale Page' updated: member selling road trailer
11/10/2019 'For Sale Page' updated: W1604 sold
30/09/2019 'For Sale Page' updated: W1783 for sale
30/09/2019 'For Sale Page' updated: W1604 for sale
30/09/2019 'For Sale Page' updated: W1772 sold
26/09/2019 'Event Reports' updated with WCOA National Championships at Bewl Water
16/08/2019 'For Sale Page' updated: W1646 sold
16/08/2019 'For Sale Page' updated: W1599 for sale
09/07/2019 'Programme' updated: new event details Aug - Oct
17/06/2019 'Event Reports' updated: report of Try-a-Wanderer at Marlow SC
29/05/2019 'For Sale Page' updated: W685 sold
09/05/2019 'For Sale Page' updated: W685 for sale
06/05/2019 'Event Reports' updated with WCOA Inland Championships at West Oxford SC
06/05/2019 'For Sale Page' updated: W1774 sold
25/04/2019 'For Sale Page' updated: W1772 for sale
24/04/2019 'For Sale Page' updated: W1193 sold
04/04/2019 'For Sale Page' updated: W1566 sold
25/03/2019 'Home Page' updated with a tribute to Elva Wallis
07/03/2019 'For Sale Page' updated: W1646 photos added
06/03/2019 'For Sale Page' updated: W781 for sale
06/03/2019 'For Sale Page' updated: W1646 for sale
25/02/2019 'For Sale Page' updated: W1000 for sale
04/02/2019 'Programme' updated: 2019 Whitstable Weekend added
28/01/2019 'For Sale Page' updated: W1774 price reduction
24/01/2019 'Event Reports' Index rebuilt and working
20/01/2019 'For Sale Page' updated: W1626 for sale
10/01/2019 'Programme' updated: 2019 West Country Cruise details added 
22/12/2018 'Programme' updated: 2019 WCOA National Championships & Inland Championships dates confirmed
21/12/2018 'Programme' updated: 2019 provisional programme published
21/12/2018 'The Association Page' updated: changes to WCOA committee
19/12/2018 'For Sale Page' updated: W1592 sold
26/11/2018 'For Sale Page' updated: additional items for sale and wanted
14/11/2018 'Home Page' updated: 2019 RYA Dinghy Show Information & WCOA AGM date
14/11/2018 'For Sale Page' updated: W728 sold
05/10/2018 'For Sale Page' updated: W1359 sold and W1046 withdrawn from sale
26/09/2018 'For Sale Page' updated: W1774 for sale
25/09/2018 'Event Reports' updated: WCOA Inland Championships report and results.
12/09/2018 'Programme' updated: Salcombe details finalised
10/09/2018 'For Sale Page' updated: W728 price reduced
05/09/2018 'Programme' updated: WCOA Inland Championship event details and NOR
05/09/2018 'Event Reports' updated: WCOA National Championships report and results
23/08/2018 'For Sale Page' updated: W1592 for sale
15/08/2018 'For Sale Page' updated: W728 for sale
21/07/2018  WCOA National Championships NOR re-issued
16/07/2018 'Programme' updated: Details of WCOA National Championships and NOR added
16/07/2018 'For Sale Page' updated: W1193 for sale
16/07/2018 'For Sale Page' updated: W1359 for sale
16/07/2018 'For Sale Page' updated: W110 sold
24/06/2018 'For Sale Page' updated: W110 for sale
12/06/2018 'Event Reports' updated: West Oxford SC and Whitstable Weekend reports added
27/05/2018 'For Sale Page' updated: W1038 sold
12/05/2018 'For Sale Page' updated: W1087 sold
20/04/2018 'For Sale Page' updated: W1087 for sale
15/04/2018 'For Sale Page' updated: W1046 for sale
06/03/2018 'The Association Page' updated: WCOA rule changes for 2018
06/03/2018 'Technical Details Page' updated: RYA Portsmouth Number changed from 1180 to 1190
13/02/2018 'Programme' updated: Wanderer open race at West Oxford SC NOR published
12/02/2018 'Programme' updated: Details for WandererFest 2018 charges published
09/02/2018 'Programme' updated: Details for WandererFest, West Oxford S.C. Racing & Try-A-Wanderer published
21/01/2018 'Home Page' updated: 2018 RYA Dinghy Show and AGM details added
15/12/2017 'Home Page' updated: 2017 event report link added
06/12/2017 'Programme' updated: Provisional programme published
06/12/2017 'For Sale Page' wanted 2nd hand suit of cruising sails
30/11/2017 'For Sale Pageupdated: Member seeking used cruising main sail
07/11/2017 'For Sale Pageupdated: Member is seeking a blade for Anglo Marine rudder
22/10/2017 'For Sale Pageupdated: W1038 for sale
09/10/2017 'For Sale Pageupdated: W1609 price reduced
26/09/2017 'For Sale Pageupdated: W1609 for sale
26/09/2017 'For Sale Pageupdated: W1334 sold
19/09/2017 'Event Report Page' updated with the report of the WCOA Inland Championships
18/09/2017 'Event Report Page' updated with the report of Whitstable Weekend
18/09/2017 'For Sale Pageupdated: 1- W1334 for sale;  2- Wanderer storm jib and storm mainsail sold
11/08/2017 'Programme' updated: details of Salcombe Layback Weekend added
30/07/2017 'Programme' updated: details of WOCA Inland Championships at Bewl
04/07/2017 'Programme' updated: details of Whitstable weekend and The WOCA Inland Championships at Bewl added.
26/06/2017 'For Sale Pageupdated: member offers Wanderer storm jib and storm mainsail
26/06/2017 'For Sale Pageupdated: W608 sold; W1447 sold
08/06/2017 'Event Report Page' updated with the report of the WCOA National Championships
23/05/2017 'For Sale Page- items wanted section updated: member wants a set of racing sails in good condition
15/05/2017 'For Sale Pageupdated: W608 for sale
03/05/2017 'Event Report Page' updated with the report of the West Oxford SC Event.
03/05/2017 'Programme' updated: details of WOCA National Championships more details added.
03/05/2017 'For Sale Pageupdated: W1447 for sale
17/04/2017 'For Sale Pageupdated: W717 sold
04/04/2017 'For Sale Pageupdated: W717 for sale
01/04/2017 'For Sale Pageupdated: W1465 sold
29/03/2017 'For Sale Pageupdated: W1465 for sale
24/03/2017 'Programme' updated: details of WOCA National Championships added; WandererFest more details added.
20/03/2017 'Technical Details Page' updated: RYA Portsmouth Number changed from 1177 to 1180
20/03/2017 'Programme' updated: details of WandererFest added
15/02/2017 'Programme' updated: details of the West Country Cruise added
09/02/2017 'Programme' updated: details of Wanderer Inland Championships at Bewl Water
23/01/2017 'Links Page'  updated: new links added
23/12/2016 'Programme' updated: Joint meeting at West Oxford SC Notice of Race issued
23/11/2016 'For Sale Pageupdated: Winter offers from Hartley Boats
16/11/2016 'Programme' updated: 2017 Ullswater event dates confirmed
26/10/2016 'Programme' updated: with provisional 2017 event details
22/10/2016 'Committee Pageupdated: Change of committee members; John Renouf appointed Chairman
12/10/2016 'For Sale Pageupdated: Spinnaker sold
17/09/2016 'For Sale Pageupdated: Spinnaker for sale
09/09/2016 'For Sale Pageupdated: W1334 sold
31/08/2016 'For Sale Pageupdated: W740 withdrawn from sale
30/08/2016 'For Sale Pageupdated: W1334 for sale
19/08/2016 'For Sale Pageupdated: W102 withdrawn from sale
16/08/2016 'For Sale Pageupdated: W102 revised advert and price
09/08/2016 'For Sale Pageupdated: W740 for sale
23/07/2016 'For Sale Pageupdated: W102 for sale
13/07/2016 'For Sale Pageupdated: W1502 sold
24/06/2016 'Event Report Page' updated with the report of the West Country Cruise
20/06/2016 'For Sale Pageupdated: W580 sold; W1502 for sale; Main and Jib wanted
08/06/2016 'Event Report Page' updated with Wanderer National Championship report
08/05/2016 'For Sale Pageupdated: W1211 sold
08/05/2016 'For Sale Pageupdated: rear locker box offered for Hartley Boats Wanderer
05/05/2016 'Programme' updated: additional event added to the program - Ulswater Family Gathering
01/05/2016 'For Sale Pageupdated: W1347 sold; W1438 sold
29/04/2016 'Event Report Page' updated with Wanderer Inland Championship report
29/04/2016 'For Sale Pageupdated: W1505 sold
26/04/2016 'For Sale Pageupdated: W1144 sold;  W580 for sale
22/04/2016 'For Sale Pageupdated: W989 sold;  W535 sold;  W1211 for sale
20/04/2016 'Programme' updated: National Championships at Whitstable revised entry form
11/04/2016 'For Sale Pageupdated: W1347 for sale
09/04/2016 'For Sale Pageupdated: W1505 for sale
06/04/2016 'Programme' updated: with details of July WandererFest at Cobnor
06/04/2016 'For Sale Pageupdated: W1326 sold
28/03/2016 'Programme' updated: Inland Championship NOR updated. Wanderer National Championships more details added
18/03/2016 'For Sale Pageupdated: Wanted Wanderer - Dorset and nearby Counties; W535 new photo added
15/03/2016 'For Sale Pageupdated: W535; W1438 & W795 for sale
15/03/2016 'Technical Details Page' updated: RYA Portsmouth Number changed from 1170 to 1177. RYA Data
03/03/2016 'Programme' updated: 2016 Wanderer National Championship entry form and Notice of race added
29/02/2016 'For Sale Pageupdated: W795 sold.  New boat cover offered for sale. Sold
23-02-2016 'For Sale Pageupdated: W1112 sold
01-02-2016 'For Sale Pageupdated: W1401 sold
26-01-2016 'For Sale Pageupdated: W1401 for sale
23-01-2016 'Programme' updated: Inland Championship at West Oxford SC, Try-a-Wanderer at Marlow SC  and West Country Cruise details added
15-01-2016 'Programme' updated: event withdrawn from programme due to change of date
15-01-2016 'For Sale Pageupdated: W989 for sale
28-11-2015 'For Sale Pageupdated: W1580 sold
23-11-2015 'For Sale Pageupdated: W197 withdrawn from sale
23-11-2015 'Programme' updated: WYC invitation to cruise the Swale
15-11-2015 'Programme' for 2016 started with details of next year's events
15-11-2015 'Event Report Page' updated with a very late West Country cruise report
05-11-2015 'For Sale Pageupdated: W1149 sold
19-10-2015 'For Sale Pageupdated: W1432 sold
12-10-2015 'For Sale Pageupdated: W1580 for sale
07-10-2015 'For Sale Pageupdated: W1112 for sale
29-09-2015 'For Sale Pageupdated: W1683 sold
26-09-2015 'For Sale Pageupdated: W1149 for sale
02-09-2015 'For Sale Pageupdated: W1161 sold
19-08-2015 'For Sale Pageupdated: W1487 sold
02-08-2015 'For Sale Pageupdated: W1161 price reduced
28-07-2015 'For Sale Pageupdated: W1683 for sale
24-07-2015 'For Sale Pageupdated: W740 withdrawn from sale
20-07-2015 'Programme' updated: Wimbleball event details added
20-07-2015 'For Sale Pageupdated: W740 for sale - photos added
16-07-2015 'Programme' updated: event at Bewl Valley SC CANCELLED
16-07-2015 'For Sale Pageupdated: W740 for sale; W795 price reduced
10-07-2015 'For Sale Pageupdated: W1322 sold
06-07-2015 'For Sale Pageupdated: W1326 sold
01-07-2015 'For Sale Pageupdated: W175 for sale
25-06-2015 'Programme' updated: event at Bewl Valley SC on hold due to difficulties at venue.
25-06-2015 'For Sale Pageupdated: W1059 sold
21-06-2015 'For Sale Pageupdated: W517 sold
14-06-2015 'For Sale Pageupdated: W1326 for sale
05-06-2015 'Event Report Page' updated with Tim Robertson's report of the 3 Rivers Race at Horning Sailing Club
02-06-2015 'Event Report Page' updated with Whitstable open race report
02-06-2015 'For Sale Pageupdated: W430 for sale.


'Event Report Page' updated with Whitstable open race results


'Event Report Page' updated with Try a Wanderer and racing at Marlow Sailing Club


'For Sale Pageupdated: W1322 for sale.


'For Sale Pageupdated: W1091 sold; W517 for sale.


'Event Report Page' update with full report of Wanderer National Championships


'For Sale Pageupdated: W1091 price reduction.


'Programme' updated: with more details of our WandererFest event


'For Sale Pageupdated: W1144 for sale


'Event Report Page' update with results of Wanderer National Championships


'For Sale Pageupdated: W1432 sold


'For Sale Pageupdated: W1432 for sale


'Event Report Page' update with report and results for Wanderer Open at Papercourt Sailing Club


'For Sale Pageupdated: W1059 for sale


'Home Page' updated: details of Whitstable and Marlow events added


'Home Page' updated: details of Wander National Championships


'For Sale Pageupdated: W1440 sold, W1487 for sale


'For Sale Pageupdated: W1447 withdrawn from sale


'Home Page' & 'Programme' updated: details of Papercourt open meeting and change of date for Wanderer Inland Championships


'For Sale Pageupdated: W1440 for sale; W123 sold.


'For Sale Pageupdated: W1447 for sale


'For Sale Pageupdated: W1161 for sale


'For Sale Pageupdated: W795 for sale


'Home Page' updated: details of Sutton Bingham open meeting


'For Sale Pageupdated: W1246 sold


'For Sale Pageupdated: W1246 for sale


'Technical Details Page' updated: RYA Portsmouth Number changed from 1160 to 1170.


'For Sale Pageupdated: W1091 for sale


'For Sale Pageupdated: W123 for sale


'For Sale Pageupdated: Member offers steel centre-board in exchange for wood or GRP board.


'For Sale Pageupdated: W183 sold


'Home Page' &'Programme' updated: Membership fees now due; WCOA National Championship details added


'For Sale Pageupdated: W183 for sale


'Programme' updated: with Papercourt open meeting date and correction to AGM date

09-12-2014 'For Sale Pageupdated: W531 sold
03-12-2014 'For Sale Pageupdated: W531 for sale
30-11-2014 'Home Page' &' For Sale Pageupdated: with winter offers from Harley Boats
18-11-2014 'For Sale Pageupdated: spinnaker wanted
10-11-2014 'For Sale Pageupdated: rudder & tiller add closed
08-11-2014 'For Sale Pageupdated: rudder & tiller wanted.
29-10-2014 'For Sale Pageupdated: W1524 sold; Spinnaker for sale - offers.
07-10-2014 'Home Page' & 'Programme' updated: with WCOA National Championship report
30-09-2014 'For Sale Pageupdated: W1524 for sale
14-09-2014 'For Sale Pageupdated: Boat tent sold.
01-09-2014 'Home Page' & 'Programme' updated: WCOA National Championship Details.
29-08-2014 'For Sale Pageupdated: W1044 sold
20-08-2014 'For Sale Pageupdated: Boat tent for sale.
08-08-2014 'For Sale Pageupdated: W1044 for sale
30-07-2014 Home Page' & 'Programme' updated: Wimbleball event details
25-07-2014 'For Sale Pageupdated: W125 sold
22-07-2014 'Event Reports' updated: with WandererFest full report
16-07-2014 'Home Page' updated: with next event details.  'Event Reports' updated with Whitstable report.
16-07-2014 'For Sale Pageupdated: W1340 sold
05-07-2014 'For Sale Pageupdated: W125 for sale
02-07-2014  'Event Reports' updated: with WandererFest interim report
02-07-2014 'For Sale Pageupdated: W1143 sold
24-06-2014 'For Sale Pageupdated: W1340 for sale
18-06-2014 Home Page' & 'Programme' updated: WCOA National Championship NOR amended
18-06-2014 'For Sale Pageupdated: W432 sold; W1143 price reduced
04-06-2014 'Event Reports' updated: with West Country Cruise report
02-06-2014 'WCOA Rules' updated: New issue May 2014
28-05-2014 'Home Page' & 'Programme' updated: WCOA National Championship NOR & Entry Form added
12-05-2014 'For Sale Pageupdated: W1143 for sale
10-05-2014 'Home Page' & 'Programme' updated: Papercourt event results
09-05-2014 'Home Page' updated with event details
29-04-2014 'Home Page' & 'Programme' updated: Papercourt event results
16-04-2014 'For Sale Pageupdated: W1528 sold
16-04-2014 'Home Page' & 'Programme' updated: Sutton Bingham report and Papercourt event
10-04-2014 'For Sale Pageupdated: W1528 photos added
07-04-2014 'For Sale Pageupdated: W1528 for sale
21-03-2014 'Home Page' & 'Programme' updated with details of Sutton Bingham event
04-02-2014  'Home Page' Technical Details amended with RYA Portsmouth number changed to 1160 for Wanderer, +10 from 2013
25-02-2014 'For Sale Pageupdated: W432 for sale
25-02-2014 'Programme' updated with Langstone Harbour new web link
02-02-2014 'Programme' updated with Langstone Harbour weekend event NOR
28-01-2014 'Committee Pageupdated: change of Membership Secretary.
23-01-2014 'Home Page' & 'Programme' updated with details of the WandererFest event
23-01-2014 'For Sale Pageupdated: W411 & W674 sold.
01-01-2014 'For Sale Pageupdated: Conditions for use of 'For Sale Page' changed.