Technical Topics - Boat Tuning, Handling Techniques and Improvements.

This page updated on 17/06/2019.

The purpose of this Section is to build a shared resource for Members containing useful articles about sailing and maintaining the Wanderer.

Any Member who has a tip or some advice involving - improving the speed, comfort, convenience, handling or safety - indeed any area of the Wanderer Dinghy's specification and wishes to share it with other members then please email me. 

Rig set-up & tuning Rig Tuning
Sail setting Adjusting for conditions
Foresail setting
Better sailing
Gybing Technique
Sailing Faster Hints & Tips
Sailing Off Wind
Higher, Faster, Get There Quicker
Spinnaker Systems Spinnaker without chute
Spinnaker with chute

Spinnaker Sheet Catcher
Reefing Reefing Afloat
Alt Single Line Reefing System
Boat & equipment Use of the Traveller
12:1 Kicking Strap
Centreboard Friction Mod

Jib/Forestay Spacer
Proposed centre main & Slot Gaskets
Maintaining boat & equipment Access the Stem head deck fittings 
Buoyancy Testing
Swapping Steel/Wood Centre Board
Winter Maintenance Schedule
Floorboard plan/fitting guidance
Anglo Marine 'Surf' Trailer Manufacturer
Tips & good ideas Used Boats Buyers Check List
Mast Lowering Afloat
Fit A Topping Lift
Ideas for attaching Fenders 
More Fender Arrangements
The useful 'Trahair' Knot
Outboards Fitting an outboard bracket

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